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Century Corporation takes pride in being one of the best premier computer peripheral manufacturers and distributors in Japan for the past 20 years.

Established in 1987, the company began as a semiconductor reseller from a tiny office in Tokyo, Japan. After a couple of years in the semiconductor business, Century started assembling SIMM modules. Instead of chasing the broader and more diverse PC market, these visionaries decided that specialization would be the future key. So we developed an intimate knowledge of every aspect of the Macintosh products and world markets.

1997 is a very important year for Century! In April, after careful market research, Century Corporation launched its design and manufacturing division, to produce our own designed computer peripherals, components, and motherboards, as well as hybrid products for both the PC and Mac markets. These include motherboards, LCD monitors, internal & external CD-RW drives, SCSI cards for Macintosh, 2.5 and 3.5-inch IDE-to-SCSI converters, 2.5 and 3.5- inch external HDD enclosures, I/O cards, and many other devices.

Followed in September, Century went on to merge with Dennoh, a very popular retailer group of Macintosh products to end-users in Japan. As a result, Century Corporation has become one of the most recognizable Macintosh resellers in Japan. After establishing our pre-eminence in the Macintosh market, we then broadened our range of activities to develop a strong presence in the corporate PC market.

This, up to today, together with the founder? relentless pursuit of more creative solutions and our dedication to the improvement of existing products, has ensured Century had nowhere to go but further up. Our fledgling export business has blossomed into an import / export corporation that sells products worldwide. Japan is at the epicenter of the new-tech boom in Asia, and we have the strong R & D team, manufacturing abilities and distribution skills to bring the best products to all over the world.

The new company's motto aptly describes the company's manifest to: Century, Creative, and Chasing (the right market). It stands for the depth and diversity of our research capabilities, manufacturing expertise and product selection. It also stands for the advanced technology of products, from easy-to-use consumer goods, broadcast, business and industrial systems.

In this new century, Century Corporation will never stop striving to produce new and unique solutions to satisfy the more discerning PC consumers. Century stands for a commitment to quality, value and innovation. In all of our dealings, the customer is always first. This was our bedrock philosophy through the 20th century and it will carry us through the 21st century continuously.

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